21 Mar Zhanna Kadyrova: “When I start making a sculpture I don’t understand what it will look like”

At the end of February restless, unpredictable, conceptual Zhanna Kadyrova filled the mall with contemporary artworks. We managed to visit the exhibition as well as to witness preparation of the “Second hand” project.

Openness is not only Zhanna’s personal quality – she doesn’t hide from cameras and not afraid of being herself. Openness is the distinctive feature of her projects. And “Second hand” is no different. No creative laboratories, waiting for the muse and other romantic appeal. Only hardcore! Zhanna’s art is honest, clear and sincere. Creating clothes from ceramic tiles, filled with philosophic context and fundamental human values – in our detailed photo report.

 JannaS1 JannaS2 JannaS3 JannaS4 JannaS5 JannaS6 JannaS7 JannaS8 JannaS9 JannaS10JannaS11JannaS12JannaS13JannaS15JannaS16JannaS17JannaS18JannaS19JannaS20JannaS21

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